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Welcome curious one. I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself.

I first noticed that I had clairvoyant and intuitive skills at a very young age. I tested my congenital abilities with animals and on some of my family members and close friends.
It was actually indicated that I would live in a different part of the world as an adult, which is true.
In my psychological studies I came to know the real life of the South-American (peruian, bolivian) indians, their shaman knowledge and faith. Learning from these people, my faith has changed.
The shaman received their signals in different forms, and they predicted what was going to happen in the future. I have been receiving these signs since I was a young girl. Even though sometimes it can be very hard I am always feeling the positive and negative karma around me and also the people around me. Many people have lived a life before they were conceived and not have a clue. Others may have a recollection of some part of it. There is life after death, and I have seen it.

(White magic)

(White magic)

It became clear to me that this is what I was put here to do. I give my hand willingly to those who come to me. I help people find what they were put on earth for, tell them if they are on the right path in life and how they can rebuild their lives full of positive karma. During the many years I have helped people and given them back their peace of soul.



The word "clairvoyance" means "clear-sighted," or the ability to see in the invisible (to physical vision) worlds. It is a faculty latent in all and will eventually be possessed by every human being in the course of his or her spiritual unfoldment. Having acquired this spiritual sight, one may then investigate for himself or herself such matters as the state of the human Spirit before birth and after death, and life in the invisible worlds.

Although each of us inherently has this faculty, a persistent effort is required to unfold it in a positive manner, and this seems to be a powerful deterrent. If it could be bought, many people would pay a high price for it. Few people, however, seem willing to live the life that is required to awaken it. That awakening comes only by patient, persistent effort.

For clairvoyance I use my crystal ball which has never lied to me before. When the crystal ball is used properly it can be very insightful and spiritual. I also tune into my intuitions through my third eye.


I personally recommend it to anyone who desires to know what is in his or her future. Or sometimes people want to know how they can influence their life for the better. Each one of us forms our own fate. With the help of photographs, writtings or official records, I can make a precise analysis on their private life and their work life. Throughout the analysis I am there, through difficult times and good times. Sometimes your fortune may not be what you want to hear. My hand is available if you need it.


t's principle is: work and strive to earn as a reward each and every blessing that one enjoys. In as much as this attitude can be explained in terms of divinities, these divinities are bound by knowable laws, and it is through from respect of these laws rather than from their whims that one seeks to obtain blessings, through hard work. In a certain way, these divinities are not supernatural beings existing above nature and free from its laws, they are the laws of nature themselves and nature itself. They do not demand adoration and submission but understanding and acceptance. They are satisfied not by the abjection of worshippers but by the raise in dignity and talent of their observers. They reward not the scared humiliation of submissive humans, but the respectful mastership of proud humans. They do not promise to believers the future grant of surreal relishes but invite the wise to reevaluate their present desires considering the constraints of reality.


The principle of black magic: to expect miracles, happiness, success, redemption from failures, etc., from external and superior entities that feed from the humiliation of those who voluntarily make sacrifices to them and who reduce unbelievers to subjection, from spirits that rejoice from one's destruction of oneself and other people, from gods that demand one's contempt for oneself and other people, from supernatural beings with unlimited powers and arbitrary desires that are not bound by any law knowable by reason but are meant to be influenced by a show of feelings from their humiliated followers. In short, this black magic consists in the irresponsible tying of one's hope of future satisfactions to the whim of external and superior intervening powers.

Now, divinities that could be corrupted by such sacrifices do not deserve being sacrificed anything whatsoever. They are abject beings against which any self-respecting human being can but revolt. Those that grovel at the feet of such divinities are slaves, swine, creatures lacking the dignity of their own free will, and who are prompt to forsake it indeed.

I find it important to fight off black magic, because it causes accidents, misfortune, illnesses, decaying relationships, financial and personal break-downs, poverty, unhappiness and desperate life situations. The one who is connected to black magic is in great danger, because he or she will be influenced by it and it will ruin their lives. Furthermore, it is important to know that even the everyday person may curse us, and not even be aware of it. That's the reason why we should be positive and benevolent with the others even if it's not so easy at the given moment. Please don't forget that what we do or what we wish for, good or bad will always fall back on us as karma.


There are several kinds of karma. Individual karma, couple-relationship karma, family karma, sexual karma, karmas connected by body attraction, karmas which died in tragic accidents or by suicide.
The souls of those who died tragically or violently, souls who are kept on earth by relatives that are not ready to let them go. Some who cannot let their mates go. This makes it more difficult to step into the next dimension and their reincarnation is harder.

This is why learning to release is so vital. As death approaches we are all afraid. Our task is to forgive our assailant and to apologize to those who we have offended. If we set the peace in ourselves, we accept our destiny. We leave each other and this earth with peace. Neither party will stay in soul dependence.

Forgiveness, release, peace of soul and acceptance is so important.

Couples Connected with the Bindings of Karma:
This Involves those who came to each other through their previous karma. Couples who have negative karma and live in bad relationships on earth and who have been in previous nagative relationships when reincarnated will receive the same bad karma again.
If these couples stay together, there is chance that they might work off the bad karma together.
Couples who have positive karma bring really good clean karma from their past. However just living from the karma of the past is not sustainable, if they don't work on sustaining posotive karma together. Their life may take a negative direction. The positive ratio veers and an irksome process will start.

Couples connected by body attraction:
This relationship is not generated by karma of previous lives, but solely based on sexuality, in which there is no spiritual development. There is no incarnation.

The sexual karma is really strong no matter if we incarnated into female or male bodies during our lives. We bring prints of our previous lives with us where ever we go. It is possible, that a soul that once belonged to a male can be reincarnated as a female? I believe so.

There are both male and female soul parts in ourselves. The one who understands karma, will realize that we all have a little bit of feminine and masculine features. And the reason in life is to consider all the spiritual and material experiences as a gift, as a working of karma.

We need to clear our undone tasks and sins of previous lives. Only then will our souls be free. We don't bring old tasks to our next life.

People with good, will think that sacrificing his or her life may save the one who is suffering. Although it is a mistake. He or she becomes the victim. We must be able to separate at some point. We must learn at which point to help and from which point to keep ourselves aloof. To defend ourselves because other's karma can take over.

Most of these takeovers are between parents a child, husband and wife.


This method is based on the communication with the under conscious in which I am the coordinator. It is important to get try and get back to the problematic period and live through the same feelings and solve them with our fresh skills.

Alot of people didn't have the best childhood, or maybe they have just had bad luck all their lives. Everyone has problems. It is how we deal with them that makes us different. What we didn't understand just a few short years ago is more clear now. With forgiveness and acceptance this is possible. With a regressive trip, we bring you back to your previous life if it were yesterday. We absorb the negative karma and fill it with positive karma. We go back to the past, which defines the present and influences the future.


The aura photography is a very useful thing, because it shows how much energy we have. How relaxed and balanced we are in our present life The method is the following: the guest sits down in the chair and comfortably, puts his or her relaxed hand on a sensor, then I take the photo.

This photography and the sensor together indicate the color of the aura and the state of relaxation on a computer program. Everybody has somethng to tell, you just have to read it. You must be willing to accept what it reads. The aura photo enhances the color energy which I see around the person. The aura is a very fine electronic resonance.

Everybody has a different colour and sized aura.

The 7 chakras in it indicate the energy of the 7 aura levels. The chakras are energy wheels, situated along the spine and give energy to the organs and organ systems. With the help of the chakra analysis, very serious conclusions can be made on the energetic and spiritual state of the person. Furthermore, the hidden abilities also can be seen (eg.: Idigo children). The impure state of the unbalanced chakra can also be balanced with energy transform.

Prior Lifes

Kereszt: A kéz és a kereszt, az Isteni védelmet jelenti

Cross: The hand and the cross symbolize the divine protection.

The uprising, purgation and immortality of the soul in the transcendent.


Princesses: My spiritual journey dates back to the 1200's. Medieval times. I was a ridden princess (white dress) that came back to my home after being away for a long time on an adventurous journey, and atonement with my sister who was left in the castle.

Tarót kártya és kristálygömb

Tarot card and crystal ball: My personal tools for everyday life.

Spirituális beavatás

Spiritual initiation Certificate

Saját spirituális élményanyag/középkor

The highest spiritual fusion of the soul: Own spiritual experience (mid life). The uprising of the soul from the body, abandoning the ego, divine fusion, ecstasy. Uprising from the earth. The night standing on the ground wants to prevent this supreme spiritual experience.

Spirituális beavatás

The rise of the energy to the third eye and the crown chakra.

Jolanda aura fotója

I recorded my spiritual journeys in these pictures. These journeys, partly my own material life, are projections of unconscious experiences, which help to solve the actual problems.

But then partly lived experiences of previous lives. I try to paint these experiences realistically, but they can not be given back as they exactly happened. Many of the experience material of my journeys are kept on half done paintings and in my writings. The internal journeys are able to reveal unbelievable hidden abilities from the unconscious. They offers great help to understand alot of our complicated present life.

We might not be on the road we should be, but we are still immature and there is a lot to learn and experience in life. But if we can learn to see eye to eye with our fate, we can understand why we get what we get, and why certain things happen to us. Sometimes we don't understand that all we can do is accept what happens at any given moment. We are part of a very big universe and we are as tiny as a small piece of dust. Take out the mutual impulses, and understand that our goal is the moment itself. We are all curious about the unbelievable mystery of our previous lives, the number of our previous carnations, and what we are going to be when we leave the Earth.

What kind of karmic connections can we have with our love, relatives and friends.

Have we already met them and in what form. What have and haven't we commited (good and bad) in our previous life.


If you have any questions, comments or are interested in my services please feel free to contact me. Phone: +36-20-923-7226 E-mail: info@jolandakarma.com

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